Live Streaming

An image of a technician vision mixing a performance.

Taking the event to the audience

As the world works together to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, the events industry is having to adapt. When an audience can’t come to the event, we’re taking the event to the audience.

Whether it’s a public livestream on social media and YouTube, an internal broadcast on existing digital signage systems, or something else – we’ll work with you to identify the safest way to distribute your event.

Interactive and engaging

It’s often said that an audience makes the gig. So what how can we harness livestreaming to connect the on-screen talent to the audience? We adopt a range of techniques to boost interactivity: live social media engagement; polls; quizzes; follow-along chats; and more.

An image of a webcam

Multiple locations

Need to broadcast from a number of locations? Don’t worry – we can make it happen, painlessly. We’ll connect presenters across the country to one programme – helping to maintain social distancing.

Mixing live and pre-recorded

We can cut-to and mix pre-recorded materials alongside what’s happening live on location; we can also point you to local vendors to produce your video content.

Full HD Broadcasts

We record, distribute, and stream in full HD – meaning the content is high-resolution, crisp, and looking great, no matter where it’s being watched*